Making my own site and blog

19 Sept 2018

Blog Entry Still Under Construction

Rolling your own

First off I wanted to have my own website. I have always meant to make one but just have never actually gotten around to making it. I thought about jus t using an off-the-shelf solution and originally planned to do that. However I also like to code and doing your own projects helps you to become a better programmer. So I decided to write my own website, blog engine, and a few other things that I wanted to make.

This site is then a combination of my home website and resume, the code and technology behind the website is also part of that resume.

The Technologies

  1. Go
    • LetsEncrypt and autocert
    • http package
    • template package
  2. HTTP2 - Go http server by default support http2
  3. HTML - Obviously

Core Site Features

Blog entries are written in standard html and injected using go templates.

In Progress / Still to do

  • Blog Indexing by keywords
  • Link Aggregator
  • Blog Editing Interface (right now all editing is done by committing html files to the repo)
  • Generalizing content loading - currently it is very hand-routed