2020 Updates

23 Jul 2020

Major Changes Include:

  1. Audit Optimizations
  2. Compression
  3. Content Location Configuration
  4. Gitlab Webhook

Audit Optimizations

I ran the chrome audit tools to see what was missing from making my site "optimal". Major changes include adding of more metadata to header and optimizing styles to have more contrast.

Also added a robots.txt just so that it would increase the score.


I didn't like how large several assets were when being proxied - Specifically I use Perkeep to host my pictures, video, and documents. It uses a gopherjs'd javascript file that was 9mb and I hated how slow that was to load on my phone. So I added brotli compression to all javascript files!

Content Location Configuration

I modified all content loading code to expect a path to be passed in as a root. T his allows running the homesite as a service from anywhere on the system and just referencing the content location as a startup flag.

Gitlab Webhook

Added a hook for listening to pushes to gitlab so that I can automatically update site contents.

Still to do

I would still like to make a few changes to the site

  1. Separate Router from site - The blog/site should only do the website. The proxy/router should be a separate process that runs alone.